11 things that all parents think during the evening four days

In many municipalities, the evening four days will take place this week, or soon. That means hordes of walking kids and their parents passing through the streets. When you walk along as a parent, there is a good chance that these eleven things will certainly cross your mind.

Will you put on your walking shoes this week to walk the five (or maybe ten) kilometers? Then you will probably think these things along the way.

What all parents think during the evening four days

No matter how fun and sporty that annual event is, every parent thinks about these things at least once while walking. What is also clear: you burn a lot of calories.

1. What time of day is this?!

The four-day evening usually starts around 6 p.m. Right around dinner time. That means you have to eat for it, because when you finally get home at 8 p.m., it’s already too late. That leaves you racing and stressing for four days to get everyone fed and ready for the hike in time. That is even more tiring than walking 5 kilometers.

2. Where is our school…

Especially in larger cities, it can be quite a job to find your school at the start. While you are happy when you finally found the rest of the school, your children run around like headless chickens looking for their friends.

3. Are we going yet?

And then you have to wait for the start signal and that only lasts and that only lasts. You might as well have eaten a little later.

4. Don’t get in my way

Walking is great fun, but not if someone is constantly walking in front of you at a snail’s pace.

5. Where is my child now?!

If you have a toddler, he may still be around, but as soon as they get a little older, those kids will run in all directions. There is a good chance that you have lost your child more than once along the way.

6. Not another tunnel!

My ears!

7. Do I have to walk next to this parent for another two hours…

That chat in the schoolyard is fine, but walking 5 kilometers next to another parent you don’t have much in common with… Then those two hours take a very long time.

8. Where have the songs gone?

The time of ‘Up there on the mountain‘ and ‘A jar of fat‘ are over, the kids of today don’t sing anymore. At most they have a speaker with them from which Snollebollekes blares.

9. Gosh those kids have a lot of candy with them

There are parents who give their children half the Jamin while walking. Do you arrive with your roll of Fruitella and carrots…

10. Can we cut off?

That last kilometer is not the nicest, your child is tired and has had it. Can we make a cut somewhere so we can get to the finish faster?

11. If only it were Thursday

The first day you are still quite enthusiastic. The second day that is already less and on Wednesday you would really like it to be Thursday already.

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11 things that all parents think during the evening four days

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