# 167: “I’m not going to be blackmailed, you bitch!”

Maud and Tommy have taken a break because their relationship has not been going so well for a while. At a house party of Jessie’s sister, Maud suddenly comes face to face with Joris. The guy she almost had a threesome with in Thailand with Tommy. There is still a tension between the two and that ends in a steamy bathroom session where they finally finish what they already started in Thailand. When Jessie gets wind of their sex affair, she’s in all states. She is angry with Maud and will not let it go. “You have one day to tell Tommy what happened, or I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Who the f * ck does Jessie think she is !? I will call her immediately to explain how it is. I’m not gonna let my best friend blackmail me. I get her voicemail right away.


“What a cowardly bitch you are!” I text her. Followed by a voice memo. “Jessie what’s going on? Have you not become well or something? I will not let you blackmail me. It’s my life and what I do in my spare time is none of my business. I will not let you blackmail me. What kind of girlfriend are you? Find out! ” I yell through my phone.

To then walk back to the party. I should not have done that, because when I return to the house party, the atmosphere is hard to find. Almost everyone has already left and Joris is nowhere to be seen. “I thought he was with you,” says Dave, Jessie’s brother-in-law. I quickly make up a dick story that I forgot something and then get out of my way as soon as I can.

When I cycle home it starts to rain hard and I feel more miserable by the minute. My best friend is blackmailing me, I’m sick and sick of the alcohol and I suddenly feel very guilty towards Tommy.

When I get home I immediately jump into bed. I don’t have a message from Jessie, in fact: my texts have not even arrived. I do have an app from Joris. “You were suddenly gone, but I hope you came home well. I was very happy with you. Are you okay? Sleep well, dear beautiful Maud. ”

I’m not sure what to answer and decide to leave it at that.

Missed call

The next morning at 11am I wake up from my phone. I’m just too late to answer, but see I have a missed call from Tommy. My head explodes with misery and I feel like I have to throw up. The first thing I do is run to the toilet and then I drink a lot of glasses of water.

When I pick up my phone I remember what a bizarre evening I had. Jessie received my text messages but did not return anything. I do have a message from Dave if I got home safely. I also have 12 new likes from Joris on Instagram and when I scroll through his Instagram I get it completely warm again. This boy is triggering something in me that I haven’t had before.

His body, his eyes, the way he talks and the questions he asks. I watch his stories and I see that he is already having breakfast somewhere at a hip place. But when I look at his story again I see that there is someone sitting opposite him with pink nail polish. Is Joris already having breakfast with a woman? And who is that? He wouldn’t be in a relationship anyway. I feel a slight panic and jealousy.


Just then I get another call from Tommy. I don’t feel like recording and to be honest, I’m a bit scared too. Jessie seemed obsessed last night and I wouldn’t be surprised if she told Tommy in her anger. I don’t understand where this weird behavior comes from.

I decide on a hot shower and I notice that my nausea is starting to disappear. Time to make breakfast for myself, because after I’ve eaten I can think better. After my scrambled eggs with avocado I call Rochella to give a detailed report of last night. Just when I’m in the middle of my story, the bell rings. My roommates are not at home, but I don’t expect anyone so I decide to let it go. But the bell keeps ringing. When I hang out the window to see who is so impatient, I get shocked. “Tommy !? What are you doing here?”

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# 167: “I’m not going to be blackmailed, you bitch!”