# 169: I promised not to tell anyone

Maud had sex with Joris at a house party. As Maud develops an increasing crush for Joris, Jessie is furious and demands that Maud tell Tommy the truth. When Maud is on the phone with Rochella the next morning, the bell suddenly rings. Tommy is on the doorstep! It looks better than ever and is completely hotel de botel. Before Maud realizes it, she’s in bed with Tommy. Tommy is in seventh heaven, but Maud can sink through the ground. “I am so relieved, Maud. I knew you still felt something for me and it… It felt so familiar. It’s not over between us, is it ?! Check how good the sex is. We belong Together!”

“I’m going to take a shower …”, I say to Tommy while I give him a kiss on the head. I find myself needing a moment for myself.

On the way to the bathroom I quickly grab my phone. “Fuck shit, we had sex. I really feel like shit, he looked good and fresh. What am I supposed to do? ”, I text to Rochella.

“Maud! Slut that you are, haha, you do. I’m up to my ears in shit diapers. Just call? ” In the meantime, I quickly check Joris’s Instagram. Apparently I can’t get him out of my head. Maybe he just has a girlfriend too? What do I actually know about him? Sigh, what am I supposed to do? I also still doubt if Jessie informed Tommy about my adventure with Joris.

Shower together

Just then Tommy comes into the bathroom. I actually hate showering together, but Tommy thinks very differently. He comes up behind me and slowly starts to massage my shoulders as he kisses my neck. “I really missed you dear Maud. I have a lot to explain to you. ”At that moment he starts to kiss me softly on the neck again. He knows I have a soft spot for that. I can’t control myself and so we have sex again in no time. Tommy can’t let go of me and kisses me all over. “You are so beautiful and your skin is so soft.” I laugh with discomfort and don’t know how to give myself any attitude.

Fortunately, my phone rings at that point. It’s my dad. “Oh I really have to include this one.” My father is head over heels in love with the neighbor and keeps telling proudly that he hasn’t been drinking for three weeks. Normally my father never talks that much, but it actually suits me well. In the meantime I can figure out what to do with Tommy.


When I hang up after half an hour and walk into the kitchen, Tommy is behind the stove. “I thought I make your favorite pancakes. And I have another surprise for you! Are you free this weekend? You can guess three times what we are going to do… ”

“Tommy! Stop! I can’t do this, this is going too fast ”, I scream out of panic. Can you please go? I love you, I really … But I just need some time for myself.

Tommy drops a fork from his hands. “Okay okay, I don’t think I get it completely. But it does seem better if I go ”, he mumbles in surprise.

Immediately I regain myself, because I also realize that I am acting like a bitch. “Shall we meet tonight? Then I’ll come to you and we’ll talk about everything quietly. I just need some time for myself now. ”

Crazy about my own thoughts

Tommy walks out the door without saying anything. Gadver, these were twelve awful hours. Tommy looks fresh. Looks like he stopped smoking. He wants to talk to me, comes with surprises and the only thing I can think about with my stupid mind is Joris. My own thoughts drive me crazy and jump on my bike to Jessie’s house.

“What’s the matter with you?” Is the first thing Jessie says when she opens the door. “We need to talk, Tommy has been.” I immediately see that Jessie changes her look. She scares.

I tell Jessie he was different than usual. As if he’d spent a month in a spa, he’d been shopping, and I feel like he’d quit smoking too. I also tell her that we had sex, but I don’t know how to proceed.

“He’s just a completely different person all of a sudden. I don’t understand how it is possible. ” Jessie mumbles a little and then walks to the kitchen to get a drink. Obviously she has something to hide. “Jes, what’s the matter now? You’re acting so weird! Every time it comes to Tommy, you go crazy. What is it now? ”

“Yes, Jesus Maud! I promised not to tell this any further… pff. But you keep whining like that. Tommy was here on my doorstep a month ago… ”

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# 169: I promised not to tell anyone