# 187 ‘How could I ever have a doubt between Tommy and Joris ?!’

Maud suffered a broken wrist in a snowball fight. To make matters worse, she was initially helped by Fredje, who runs internships. With her arm in a cast, she spends a lot of time with Tommy. It even seems as if the two live together. But on Valentine’s Day, in addition to lots of love and gifts from Tommy, she also receives flowers from a stranger and lingerie from someone else. And it seems that in this case it is about Joris …

I was afraid to say to Tommy. I stashed the lingerie sets in the back of my wardrobe and threw the bunch of flowers directly into the organic waste. It’s a shame, I know, but now that I’m doing so well with him, I really don’t want to risk everything because of a secret admirer. I would also be mortally insecure if Tommy suddenly received gifts from another woman. I have decided to ignore all gifts (and the senders). In a while I’ll just do that lingerie as if I bought it myself. It’s damn sexy, but I don’t think that broken wrist makes it any better.

10,000 steps every day

Last week I was busy learning for my exams. Despite the fact that I was in a cast, I loved that the weather was so nice. I’ve walked more than 10,000 steps almost every day and while there’s no shit to do, Tommy and I have a good time every day. We kill time with silly games and had a pizza night with Jessie of the week. She also stayed the night, because in addition to that pizza, quite a few Italian wines went through it. It was super fun. I notice that I enjoy being in Tommy’s house. It feels so much more adult, instead of in a student house where I keep sitting in my room. And being in his presence makes me feel stronger every day. How could I ever doubt whether I wanted to be with him or Joris ?!

Three more weeks of plaster

Sunday it was delicious again. Together we decided to go to the Amsterdamse Bos to walk down the Bosbaan. So funny: last week you could still walk on the ice here and now there were people even without shirts drinking a coffee! It almost felt like everything was back to normal. Almost then, because the itchy plaster on my wrist is anything but normal: gosh, that’s a bad feeling. And I have three more weeks! With a key I try to scratch my wrist through the entrance of my plaster.

“What are you doing, Maud! You’ll break it soon! ” Tommy shouts, laughing. “Don’t touch,” he then orders and pulls my arm away from that twisted wrist. “Shall we sit down?” he continues, because we arrived at a bench on the other side of the park. We also just got a drink. Once on the bench I crawl against him. I feel the butterflies flutter through my stomach. “I’m sorry for the last time and all the insecurity I’ve given you,” I blurt out. Tommy looks at me in surprise. “Aah dude, we’ve talked that out for a long time, darling. I think it’s super nice how things are going now! ” he says sweetly and kisses me on the forehead. Then he looks at me. He seems hesitant to say anything.

“Yes, you shouldn’t look at me like that!” I shout semi-angry. “What’s in your head ?!”

Tommy chuckles. “You’ve figured it all out too, right ?!” he says. Then he shifts his position and looks at me intently. “I am a little afraid that it may be too soon, but the past weeks we have actually been together constantly and I have been going with you for a while… If you don’t count all the struggles. I was wondering… Maud. Won’t you come to me? Shall we live together ?! ”

# 186 ‘I never have to see that boy again and he should know that too’

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# 187 ‘How could I ever have a doubt between Tommy and Joris ?!’

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