# 193 “She’s had her whole head rebuilt” Maud’s Nightbook

Maud has her eye on a new job as an online editor at a magazine, which she absolutely loves. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Tommy also wants to move on April 1st! It stresses her more than she can enjoy it, also because she has actually forgotten that Tommy has a daughter who comes to live with her every once in a while. She doubts whether it is not going too fast. When she is on the train, back from her father, she meets an acquaintance on the train. “Maud, is it you ?! Can I sit next to you ?! ”

I look up in surprise. There is a beautiful woman next to me, aged about 22. She has clearly let herself be tinkered with, but I still think she is beautiful. However, she does not immediately ring a bell with me. Apparently I radiate that in all directions, because a big smile appears on her face. “You don’t recognize me anymore, do you ?! It’s me: Thalisa! I went to primary school with you for years, from grade 3 to grade 7. We always played together. ”


Wow! This used to be one of my best friends. No wonder I don’t recognize her: she had her entire head rebuilt. Thalisa always had a huge hooked nose, which she was terribly bullied with. That is why she also left school in group 7. Apparently she also said goodbye to that nose afterwards, which I can clearly see that it is no longer a hooked nose at all. She has – like half of the Netherlands – pulled her mouth mask under her nose. Not only her nose has been rebuilt; her forehead is shiny and smooth. I can see she clearly likes a shot here and there. Doesn’t matter: she looks gorgeous!

“Gosh, sorry!” I mumble when I notice that I’ve only been staring at her for the past 5 seconds and still haven’t said a word. “Now I do see it!” I lie. “How nice, Thalisa! How are you?! Do you also live in Amsterdam ?! ”

Thalisa falls down. Spontaneously she starts to say that she does indeed live here and – just like me – was visiting her father. I remember her mother died of cancer at a young age. Even though we haven’t seen each other for years, I immediately remember why I always liked her very much. She talks a lot and we talk about the past throughout the train journey home. About that one teacher who was always so pleasant, about her contact with other classmates, about where I am now in my life. I tell her I’m moving this week. We exchange numbers enthusiastically: she lives in the Pijp and would love to meet up soon, when the lockdown is a bit over and that doesn’t seem a bad idea at all. Because although I really like Jessie and Rochella, I think I could also use a new girlfriend in my group of friends.

Moving away

Two days later the time has come: Tommy is already moving into our new house. I haven’t heard about my possible new job yet, so I decide to support him that day with moving his things. I still have some time to fix everything in the coming period. When I turn the key to the new home and walk inside, I feel a rush of nerves rushing through me. Omg; I’m just going to live here in the near future! Tommy is busy inside and looks up with a smile when he hears me walking in. “Welcome home, my dear!” he shouts happily and walks over to give me a hug.

When he puts his arms around me my phone rings. I answer: “With Annemarie!” the other person calls. “With whom?!” I shout. This name doesn’t mean anything to me either.

“Annemarie … I’ll call you about your application last week …”

# 192 ‘I should be happy, but most of all I feel a lot of stress’

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# 193 ‘She had her whole head rebuilt’

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