#256 ‘Maybe I’m going too far, but something’s bothering me’

Maud has finally found a house after a long and complicated search and she will soon be moving to Amstelveen. Because of all the crowds Maud is ready for a holiday and Gio has booked a holiday to Bulgaria as a surprise, but Maud did not fully agree with the destination. Despite the fact that their relationship is starting to take an increasingly serious shape, she still has some doubts. Those doubts only get worse when she checks Gio’s phone in the middle of the night and sees that he’s getting all kinds of texts from Stacey!

I see over nine new posts under Stacey’s name and I don’t really know what to do. I would prefer to open them and just read. If only Instagram had a function where you could then set messages back to ‘unread’.

I just don’t like that girl texting Gio in the middle of the night. They may be colleagues and Gio can tell enthusiastically how happy he is with me, I felt there was something in between. I’m going to cough really hard, hoping that Gio will wake up and grab his phone to read his messages. In vain. I’m trying to look up Stacey’s account on Instagram, but she’s set to private. I decide to follow her and luckily fall asleep fairly quickly.

The next morning I wake up just before my alarm, it’s only a few days until my vacation and I have a lot to do. When I check my phone, I see that Stacey has also started following me and she immediately sent me a message: ‘Hey Meis, nice to see you recently! See you soon’

I’m not looking forward to this at all. My head must have been on a thunderstorm the moment Gio walks into the room. “Everything okay dear? You look so angry,” Gio says jokingly. “Actually, it’s not that good. I’m just going to be honest, because we would be open and honest with each other. Maybe I’m going too far, but something is bothering me…” Gio looks startled and sits down. While he puts the tray with breakfast (fresh juices and granola) on the bed, I tell him what I saw last night. “Sorry but I woke up, I took your phone to check what time it was and I saw all these messages from Stacey and I just wonder why she texts you so many in the middle of the night!?”

Gio starts laughing as he takes out his phone. „Maud! Don’t worry dude, Stacey and I have been sending each other funny memes and other funny videos for years! Look,” he says as he scrolls through their messages. I do indeed see a lot of memes, videos, a few smile emojis and a heart-eyed emoij.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Somehow I still don’t feel quite right, but that has more to do with Stacey than with Gio. I apologize and then I have an entire conversation with Gio about trust, flirting and what we do and don’t go too far. Fortunately, we are on the same page in that regard. Then I jump in the shower, I race to town to do the last shopping for my vacation and then I start my endless to-do list. I have three days left before we go on vacation and I still have four interviews to complete and five articles to write. In between I also have a meeting for a new client. That job actually came in through Tommy! I had two missed calls from him last week, followed by a very enthusiastic voice memo. A friend of his was looking for someone who could write some texts for his new website and according to Tommy I could do that perfectly! According to Jessie, it was weird that I was going to do this job. “Tommy will keep in touch with you in every way possible.” I don’t agree at all and can use the money well, after all I still have a whole house to furnish!

At the end of the day, I’m exhausted on the train south. I’m going to sleep well with my mother tonight, cuddle with Kai and the day after we’ll go shopping for my new house. My mother also has a lot of stuff in the garage and according to her I really had to go through it. “There are a lot of beautiful things between dear Maud, from that rattan thing. That’s totally hip again, isn’t it?” My mother’s style is slightly different from mine, but I couldn’t refuse her sweet offer. And I haven’t seen my little brother in far too long.

When I arrived at my mother’s house, I burst with a headache. „It must be because of the warm weather or because of all the stress, you are also so busy! You really have to slow down, Maud, “says my mother overly concerned. But at that moment I realize something else. Normally I always have this headache when I have my period. I sprint to the kitchen to grab my phone and check my period app… Suddenly I realize I’m already ten days late! I should have had my period a long time ago… Help, how is this possible!?…

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with her boyfriend Tommy is over and she has a new boyfriend: Gio. Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam, but now seems to have found a home in Amstelveen. Every week you read her adventures in a new episode from Maud’s Night Book.

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#256 ‘Maybe I’m going too far, but something’s bothering me’