Actor Eric Schneider (87) dies after fall

Actor Eric Schneider has died as a result of a fall. His family has informed the ANP news agency. He was 87 years old.

Schneider played with several theater companies and played about 150 leading roles. In 1967 he received the Louis d’Or, the most important stage award, for his portrayal of Hamlet in the play of the same name at the New Rotterdam Theater.

Theatre, TV and books

Schneider studied at the Maastricht Theater Academy and played with, among others, Toneelgroep De Appel and Het Nationale Toneel, the current National Theater. He also wrote plays such as Nocturne (2009)in which he played himself and looked back on his stage life.

In addition to appearing on stage, Schneider also appeared on the tube. He played Prince Bernhard in the series Bernhard, scoundrel of Orange (2010). He also wrote a few books, including A tropical memory.

The actor was born in 1934 in Jakarta (then Batavia). He was married to the also well-known actress Will van Kralingen and had two sons with her. Son Beau also became an actor, son Olivier a producer. The couple divorced and Van Kralingen died in 2012.