Additional tax on imported used cars

The recycling contribution has existed for a few years as a one-off contribution on top of the purchase price of a passenger car or light commercial vehicle in the Netherlands. From tomorrow, the compulsory contribution applies to all cars for which a Dutch registration number is requested, so from now on also for used cars that are imported from abroad and that receive a Dutch registration number for the first time. Until now this category has escaped the dance. It does not matter whether the used car was imported by a private person or car company.

About 400,000 cars are sold in the Netherlands every year. On top of this are the 240,000 mostly used cars that are imported into the Netherlands from other countries. The collection of the ‘new’ recycling fee is carried out by the RDW, which takes care of the number plate registration of motorized vehicles in the Netherlands. For new cars brought to the Netherlands by the official importer, the importer pays the recycling fee paid by the customer. All income from the recycling contribution will ultimately go to ARN, the organization that coordinates the recycling of cars in the Netherlands.

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