Adidas withdraws objection to Black Lives Matter movement logo after only two days | Economy

Adidas withdraws an objection to a new logo for the Black Lives Matter movement as soon as possible. The company reports this only a few days after it had made its objection known.

The American Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has applied for trademark rights in the US for a logo consisting of three parallel stripes. According to the sports brand, that logo is misleading because it resembles the well-known adidas logo with the three stripes.

BLM wants to use it for products that adidas also sells, such as shirts, caps and bags. Adidas filed Monday with the U.S. Registry Office.

Now the company has withdrawn without explanation. “Adidas will withdraw its opposition to the trademark of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation as soon as possible,” the sports brand’s statement read.

Adidas has recently been in the news more often. For example, the company ended its collaboration with singer Beyoncé due to disappointing results. The collaboration with rapper Ye also came to an abrupt end, because it had been discredited.