After eight months, ‘Sarina-plus’ has still not been found:’ Is that weird? Well … ‘

Stentler especially resents the fact that the search takes so long. “The team has the focus on something very important, the Olympic Games, and this hasn’t happened yet.

Van Veenendaal: “It is not that it keeps us busy all the time, but it is a theme. The fact is that in three months a very nice period will end and that something new will start. At the moment we do not know how that will be realized. is going to be.”

“Is that weird? Well, weird, weird … As a team you naturally want to have clarity. But the KNVB decides; that’s just how it works. We are working towards the Games, that is our focus. As soon as the KNVB has a successor, they announce it. That will have to be done within three months, “said the goalkeeper of Orange.

Inform player group

A spokesperson for the KNVB says that the group of players and staff will be updated this week in Spain about the status of the search.

Jessica Torny’s name has been circulating as the main candidate since August. The trainer of the Orange Women under 19 is one of four Dutch women, besides Wiegman, Vera Pauw and Hesterine de Reus, with the right papers for the job.

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