All trips from Corendon to Curaçao are canceled for the time being

Travel organizer Corendon is canceling all trips to Curaçao until May 15 due to the rapidly increasing number of corona virus infections on the island.

“We are in contact with everyone who is there through the tour guide to discuss the options for return,” the travel organization continues.

Corendon travelers still on Curaçao

Corendon, which flies with KLM, says that there are still a few travelers on Curaçao. If they want to leave, they can contact Corendon and the travel organization will arrange the return.

Two days ago the world looked very different. Then the organization made the holiday enthusiast enjoy traveling to Curaçao in the winter of 2021/2022. But yes, that is always possible of course.

Corendon’s CEO Steven van der Heijden speaks of a “special situation”, which has nothing to do with the travel advice that was already on orange. The negative travel advice from the Dutch government will expire on 15 May. According to Van der Heijden, KLM is also ‘extremely flexible’. “We can convert flights for our customers for free.”

Call to leave Curaçao

According to the organizer, several dozen travelers had planned a trip to the island. These were people who had booked a trip a long time ago and still decided to go, according to the CEO.

The Representation of the Netherlands in Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten has called on holidaymakers, students and trainees to leave Curaçao as soon as possible due to the serious corona situation. It concerns between 2000 and 3000 people. The call is valid until April 15 in any case. Travelers who leave the island must be tested before departure, when they return home to the Netherlands they must be in home quarantine.

Corendon himself made an appeal this week to outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The appeal to the man who narrowly ‘survived’ a vote of no confidence last night:

KLM also announced that it will keep a close eye on the local situation. According to a spokesperson, it is still too early to speak of an increase in traveler questions about bookings and rebookings. KLM says it has sufficient capacity and flexibility to accommodate an increased number of flights from the island. Travelers who have a positive corona test result are not allowed to fly with KLM.

No positive tests at Corendon

Van der Heijden of Corendon says that it has not yet happened that Corendon travelers have been tested positive on Curaçao. “If it does, we will continue to house people. Then they have to be quarantined in their hotel room. ”

KLM currently operates ten flights a week to Curaçao, directly and via Sint Maarten. These are essential flights, according to the airline. In addition to passenger transport, Curaçao is also an important freight destination, says KLM, including for medical supplies.

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All trips from Corendon to Curaçao are canceled for the time being

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