Apologies Tino Martin for ‘far from flawless’ performance at the Liberation Festival

The live performance by Tino Martin, who is one of the Ambassadors of Freedom, was broadcast at several regional festivals, a recording of which would later be heard at the festivals of The Hague, Drenthe and Friesland, among others. But according to the National Committee May 4 and 5, that was ultimately against the agreements.

“The agreement with him was to only broadcast a live performance,” said a spokesman for the National Committee May 4 and 5. The festivals in Drenthe and Friesland confirm that they have been called that the performance should not be used, according to the festival in The Hague, there were technical problems.

In Drenthe and Friesland it was already sounded that the quality of the performance was not sufficient. “It is a big task for an ambassador to reach a large target group, and you achieve that with music,” said a spokesman for the Liberation Festival Fryslân. “It’s a shame that it didn’t work out. We are now going to broadcast Jonna Fraser. Other festivals that have a gap in their schedule can use the Frisian ambassador of freedom, the band De Kast.”

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