Applications for Kapsalon Theater by Diederik Ebbinge are pouring in

Artists, theaters and hairdressers are queuing up to participate in the Kapsalon Theater protest action. Various theaters throughout the country will be converted into a hair salon, massage studio or beauty salon on Wednesday. While people are getting haircut there, artists are performing. “We get quite a lot of registrations”, says initiator and actor Diederik Ebbinge on Twitter.

The cultural sector will remain closed until at least 25 January. Then the next decision point for the cabinet. According to Prime Minister Rutte, relaxation in the cultural sector is at the top of the priority list. But it is not possible to also open the cultural sector, the cabinet believes, because the current relaxation can already lead to 80,000 infections per day. “I understand that they are upset about this, I also think it is terrible,” the Prime Minister said in the press conference yesterday.

But Ebbinge didn’t want to leave it at that. “I called the Kleine Komedie and asked: ‘Can’t you convert the hall into a hair salon for a day on Wednesday?'” The Amsterdam theater normally accommodates a maximum of 500 people. “But we want 50. With mouth caps and QR codes, we adhere to all the rules that hair salons must also comply with.”

Ebbinge explains how the Kleine Komedie is transformed into a hair salon: