Apps of the week: Check whether a euro note is genuine | NOW

Checking via the camera of your smartphone whether a euro note is genuine and assessing all the acts of the Eurovision Song Contest. These are the apps of the week.

Check your ticket

With this new app from De Nederlandsche Bank you can check whether a euro note is genuine. To use the app, place a banknote flat on the table, after which you scan the banknote via the camera of your smartphone.

If the ticket is valid, you will see a green message. If the note may not be genuine, you will be warned with a yellow message.

In both cases you will receive more information about the characteristics of a real banknote, so that you can carry out an extra check yourself. A yellow message is also possible if the banknote is crumpled or worn.

According to De Nederlandsche Bank, a total of 26,100 counterfeit notes were found in 2021. Check your note is getting better at recognizing these counterfeit notes, because the app is trained with examples.

Download Check your ticket for Android or iOS (free).


The popular messaging app WhatsApp introduces a new way to respond to messages. You can now paste an emoji on someone else’s message. These emoji reactions are especially useful in group conversations.

The emoji are bundled at the bottom of the messages with this new feature. You can post one emoji comment per message. If several participants choose the same emoji, this is indicated by a number.

At the moment, the number of different emoji is still limited. You can give a thumbs up, a heart, smiling face, surprised face, crying face or two hands together. WhatsApp wants to expand the range of emoji responses in the future.

In addition, it is now possible to upload larger files via WhatsApp. The 100 MB limit has been increased to 2 GB. Both adjustments are still being rolled out, so it may take a while before you have the options yourself.

Download WhatsApp for Android or iOS (free).

Eurovision songfestival

S10 will be on stage on Saturday evening during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. If you like to give your opinion during the show, you can do so via the renewed Song Contest app from AVROTROS.

With the app it is possible to rate each performance. This can be done in three areas: the song, the vocals and the act. In the app you can create groups of friends to compare your scores with your friends. Or you compare the scores with the rest of the Netherlands to see if your taste is different than average.

The numbers you give via the app do not count towards voting at the end of the final. You need the official Eurovision Song Contest app for that.

Download Song Contest for Android or iOS (free).