Bad quality Formula 1 streams? Viaplay is going to compensate customers

Viaplay, the new service that broadcasts Formula 1 in the Netherlands, among other things, is receiving a lot of criticism. Consumers complain about the image quality and performance of the apps. The company promises to compensate customers after intervention by the Consumers’ Association.

According to Viaplay, it only concerns customers ‘who are entitled to it’. It is not yet clear how exactly that will be determined and what compensation will be paid. A special telephone number has been opened where customers can contact with complaints.

Money back for Viaplay subscribers

The Consumers’ Association reports that Viaplay promises to compensate customers if they can prove that the problems are not caused by limitations in the home network. According to the streaming service, bad images are sometimes caused by problems in the consumer’s network. According to Viaplay, no technical defects have been found in the underlying infrastructure.

The Consumers’ Association states that subscribers are entitled to financial compensation. This could be, for example, a price reduction for the period in which the quality lagged, or the possibility to stop the subscription free of charge. In the latter case, customers will receive a refund. It is not yet clear what compensation Viaplay wants to offer.

Persistent complaints during Formula 1

Viaplay customers mainly complain about blocks in the picture, low quality video in general, stuttering and streams that drop out. The number of complaints is greatest during the Formula 1 races on Sunday. However, there are also complaints during live broadcasts of darts. Television program Cash desk already paid attention to the complaints a month ago. At the time, the Authority for Consumers and Markets said it was in contact with the Swedish market watchdog. There they insisted on a solution for Dutch customers. Viaplay is originally a Swedish company.

The Consumers’ Association advises customers with complaints to take the following steps. It is therefore easiest to qualify for compensation:

  • Make a video of the stuttering or bad image.
  • Check for example what the current internet speed is. For SD image, it must be at least 3 Mbps. HD requires a speed of 10 Mbps.
  • Create a support request via the Viaplay help site or call the special telephone number 0103006670.

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Bad quality Formula 1 streams? Viaplay is going to compensate customers

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