Ballroom and breakdance; Community top 100 winners show everyone who they are

House of Vineyard and professional dancer Redouan Ait Chitt (Redo) share first place in the Community top 100 this year, a list previously called the Colorful top 100. The list focuses on inclusivity and aims to make people from different corners of society visible to the business community, the cultural sector, the media and the creative industry.

The chief editor of the Community top 100 says that this year they have chosen a shared first place “because they both stand for radical inclusion and equality. They are people who, with their work and vision, are the personification of ultimate representation in our society.”

‘More than voguen’

House of Vineyard is one ballroomgroup that revolves around freedom, dance, community and inclusivity. They describe themselves as “a safe haven for people from the QTBIPOC (Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Color) and LGBTQIA + community”.

During a ball battle groups (houses) in different categories for a price. It originated in New York, and was the way for many LGBTQIA + people to express themselves without, for example, getting into trouble with laws prohibiting dressing like the opposite sex.

Participants walk, pose and are dressed in the theme of the category they are participating in. You should not only think about voguen (posing dancing, later also done by Madonna), says House of Vineyard.

“Was a big category Realness. The outside world said, “You can’t become a doctor because you’re gay and black.” The balls created categories that went against this kind of exclusion. To portray what others said we couldn’t be. “