Baseball club Texas Rangers opens the season in a sold-out stadium

38,238 spectators in a stadium. It seems impossible in these times. But the American baseball club Texas Rangers played its first home game of the season against Toronto Blue Jays last night for a sold-out Globe Life Field.

In contrast to Europe, in the United States again (partial) public is allowed at sports competitions. The Rangers are the only team to return to full capacity. “A mistake,” said President Joe Biden.

In America, states and counties themselves determine how many spectators may be admitted. For example, the Yankees and the Mets in New York allow five thousand fans to enter the stadium and almost three thousand kilometers away in Denver, Colorado, twenty thousand.

Governor of Texas

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, decided last month it was time to “open up his state 100 percent again.” Mouth masks are no longer mandatory and all companies are allowed to work ‘normally’ again. “People and businesses no longer need the state to determine how to behave,” said Abbott, who also allows concerts and festivals.

According to figures from The New York Times, the number of daily infections in the state has barely exceeded 5,000 for a few weeks. At the beginning of February, around 18,000 infections were reported. Texas has a population of approximately 29 million.

In the stadium of the Rangers, in Arlington, the MLB club still obliged the spectators to wear face masks. Hand gel devices were also placed all over the stadium. The mouth cap may only be removed while eating or drinking.

The almost forty thousand men saw the Rangers read 6-2 from the Blue Jays.

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