BBC apologizes for ‘Manchester United sucks’ headline

Not only Manchester United got it in the text bar. The weather report was also briefly summarized with the text: “The weather, rain everywhere”, which is often the case in England, but usually not so succinctly summarized by the British public broadcaster.

After the tennis report, BBC presenter Annita McVeigh told how the text about Manchester United – roughly translated “Manchester United is jerk” – could end up on the broadcast. Behind the scenes at the editorial office, someone was taught how the ticker worked and how to enter text.

“So it was just random stuff that was written down, not meant to be. So apologies if you saw it and took offense, and if you’re a fan of Manchester United. This was a mistake and it shouldn’t have been on screen appear,” said McVeigh.

Bad season for Manchester United

It is unclear whether the new ticker writer is a disappointed supporter of Manchester United. That might explain the harsh comment in the headline: Manchester United, the new club of coach Erik ten Hag, had a disappointing season and finished in sixth place with 58 points. That is the worst result in the Premier League era (1992-present).