Boy Edgar Prize this year for jazz flutist Ronald Snijders

Jazz flutist Ronald Snijders will receive the Boy Edgar Prize this year, the most important Dutch prize in jazz music. The jury praised the 71-year-old Snijders for his versatility, for example by mixing music styles from his native Suriname with jazz, funk and soul. The prize is associated with an amount of 25,000 euros.

Snijders has been considered an innovator in the jazz field for more than 50 years, says the jury. “From a strong love for his roots, starting with his father’s musical heritage, Snijders has a great curiosity for new developments. The connection with the younger musicians is essential for him. He is a generous musician who ensures that other musicians can shine.”

The jury says that sharing knowledge and inspiration is central to Snijders’ work. “For decades he has been known as a pivotal figure connecting generations, cultures, listeners and players.”


Snijders became a knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau in 2001 and in that year also received the highest Surinamese decoration, knight in the Honorary Order of the Yellow Star. He won his first musical prize in 1973, when he received the press prize at the NOS Jazz Competition in Laren. After that he played all over the world.

Ronald Snijders will receive the prize in December during a concert evening in Amsterdam. The prize is named after the well-known Dutch jazz legend Boy Edgar (1915-1980).

Ronald Snijders played the song Meet the World with his band in 2017:

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