British watchdog fines facial scanning company Clearview AI | NOW

The British privacy watchdog ICO has fined Clearview AI of 7.5 million pounds (more than 8.8 million euros). The regulator states that the facial recognition company has broken the law.

The facial recognition company will not only be fined, but will also have to delete all data on British citizens. The images may no longer be used.

Clearview AI collects images from social media to create a large database of faces. The New York company can use this database to determine the identity of people. Clearview AI has previously said that its database contains more than 20 billion images of faces.

However, according to the British regulator, the company collected these photos without letting the people involved know. This violates the British privacy law, according to the watchdog.

It is not the first time that Clearview AI has been fined millions. The Italian privacy watchdog GPDP fined the company €20 million earlier this year.