Britney Spears calls documentaries about her life ‘hypocritical’

Britney Spears calls the recent documentaries about her life “hypocritical”. She says this in a post on Instagram, in a video in which she can be seen dancing.

“So many documentaries about me this year, with other people’s opinions about my life,” writes the singer, probably referring to the documentary, among other things. Framing Britney Spears. “These documentaries are so hypocritical, they criticize the media and then do the exact same thing,” said Spears.

“Although I have had many hard times, I have had many more great times,” she writes. “And unfortunately the world is more interested in the negative.”

The documentary, produced by The New York Times, caused quite a stir earlier this year; the makers state that the singer was treated sexist by the media at a young age and show the paparazzi who continued to follow her after her mental breakdown in 2007.

‘Cried for two weeks’

Spears also responded to the documentary in March. She said she’s watched little bits and is “embarrassed” about how she’s been portrayed. “I cried for two weeks and sometimes still cry,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Ivo Niehe was also featured in the documentary. He asked the then 17-year-old Spears about her breasts, which were enlarged according to many media. According to critics, these kinds of questions would not be asked of a man.

Watch the fragment here:

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