Broken Classics and Waving Nuns: Join the Mille Miglia (Part 3)

In 1955 Stirling Moss managed to drive his Mercedes 300 SLR from Brescia to Rome and back to Brescia in just over ten hours. With that time Moss has set the speed record in the Mille Miglia, which has never been equaled again. It is impossible to imagine, with an average speed of almost 160 km/h, occasionally between traffic, the risk of children or animals crossing the road, and partly on unpaved roads. A life-threatening race, which was banned by the government a few years later, after yet another deadly drama.

Fortunately, things are a little less extreme these days, how much the speeds of classic cars are still high. So high that the number of dropouts is considerable, which also has to do with the Italian summer temperature. But the enthusiasm of the spectators makes up for a lot. Villages have spread out, the nuns are lined up in front of the monasteries and throw flowers at the racing cars, children in school uniforms have a few hours free to follow the racing circus. And we report on what has been called ‘the most beautiful race in the world’.