‘Can opening without a key be turned off in the car?’

Car editor Niek Schenk answers: ‘With more and more car models, the signal for keyless entry only activated when the key is in motion. If you put the key away at home, the signal will stop and it can no longer be received by malicious parties. Some Ford models also have this, such as the Puma, but unfortunately your Ford Ecosport does not. Dealers are often unwilling to permanently disable the system, if only because of the combination with the car’s starting system.

Still, there are plenty of independent car companies that could help you with this. There are also car manufacturers that do allow the system to be switched off by the dealer. For example, Toyota dealers may permanently remove the transmission signal from the key if they wish. In addition, with some brands, including Toyota, you can manually switch off the signal yourself by pressing certain buttons on the remote control.’

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