Chinese social media platforms censor posts about Oscar winner Zhao | NOW

Chinese social media platforms are taking down messages about Oscar winner and director Chloé Zhao, writes The Wall Street Journal Monday. The search results for search engines Baidu and Soigu for the award ceremony have also decreased significantly. Zhao’s movie Nomadland won the Oscar for Best Picture.

After Zhao received her prize, positive reactions were received from Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, among others. Users were delighted that a Chinese woman has won an Oscar for the first time in the Best Picture category. In the hours that followed, the messages were dropped. Information about the Oscars also began to disappear, to the surprise of Chinese users.

According to The Wall Street Journal Two Chinese state journalists told the newspaper that they could not publish anything about the Oscars. No reason has been given for the decision. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not responded to questions from WSJ, on the grounds that it was not a diplomatic affair.

Nomadland has won three prizes in total. In addition to the Oscar for best picture, it also won the Oscars for best director and best actrive (Frances McDormand). 39-year-old Zhao, who was born in Beijing and emigrated to the United States in her teens, was also awarded the Golden Globe for Best Director in March.


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