Chip manufacturer TSMC expects a persistent chip shortage up to 2022 | NOW

Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC expects the global chip shortage to continue until 2022. Due to the huge demand for computer chips from various industries, the company made 19.4 percent more profit in the first quarter of this year compared to the same quarter in 2020.

In an explanation of the first quarter results, TSMC CEO CC Wei says that the chip manufacturer has been fully committed to building new factories and expanding existing production locations. Still, Wei tries to dampen customer expectations by emphasizing that TSMC’s production capacity remains “tight” this year.

There has been a significant global chip shortage for months. This is partly due to the global corona crisis, as a result of which many people work from home. People need suitable equipment for working from home, such as laptops. There is also more demand than usual for game consoles, for example.

The Taiwanese company makes computer chips for semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm and tech giant Apple, but also for various car brands. They were the first to be hit hard by the persistent chip shortage and have the largest number of orders with TSMC. The chip manufacturer suspects that it will be able to provide its automotive customers with more computer chips from the next quarter.


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