Chipmaker Intel has to pay billions for patent violations | NOW

Chipmaker Intel has been sentenced in Texas to pay $ 2.2 billion ($ 1.82 billion) in damages for patent infringement, a jury determined Tuesday. This is one of the largest claims ever awarded in the US in patent disputes.

The money will go to the relatively unknown company VLSI, which previously bought the patents from the Dutch maker NXP and sued Intel. An Intel lawyer argued during the lawsuit that a large part of the compensation goes to NXP.

The case revolved around patents on chip technology for temporary storage of data, known as cache, and voltage regulation. VLSI accused Intel of being “willfully blind” to the existence of patents on technology that the group employs.

Intel is appealing the ruling. A lawyer from the chip company finds the requirement disproportionate and accuses VLSI of being set up only to collect money through this patent case.

NXP initially also acquired the patents through acquisitions. The patents were granted in 2010 and 2012 to SigmaTel and Freescale Semiconductor respectively, which subsequently merged and were bought by NXP in 2015.


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