Cinemas satisfied with ‘superb opening day’

Cinemas are satisfied with the first day they were allowed to open again. “A wonderful opening day”, says the Dutch Association of Cinemas and Film Theaters (NVBF).

It is not known how many people went to the movies in total yesterday, but according to the NVBF, many performances were sold out. “Despite the visiting restrictions of fifty visitors per room, people have flocked to the cinemas and movie theaters.”

The Dutch movie The Battle of the Scheldt was the most popular with 19,000 visitors. Distributor September Film speaks of a “dreamed opening”. With a budget of 14 million euros, the film is one of the most expensive Dutch film productions ever. The premiere was actually supposed to be in December, but was forced to postpone it to yesterday due to the corona measures.

The Dutch comedy Bon Bini: Judeska in da House and the action movie nobody are also in the top 3 of most viewed films.

Waiting at the door

Cinema chain Pathé, in its own words, welcomed tens of thousands of visitors on the first day. “Many halls were sold out, and people were already waiting at the door in the morning before the opening,” says a spokesperson. Also at Pathé was The Battle of the Scheldt top of the list.

Cinemas opened their doors again yesterday after almost six months. There are still measures in place. For example, visitors must agree on a time slot and cinemas are allowed to let in one person per square meter and a maximum of fifty visitors per room.

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