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Clubs struggle with limited occupation: Ajax will draw lots, PSV leaves a choice to fans

It seemed happy news for the football clubs in the Netherlands. The cabinet relaxed the corona measures last Wednesday, so that after months the public is welcome again in the football stadiums. But not everyone is happy.

The stadiums may be filled to a maximum of one third, to the disappointment of the professional football clubs. Due to the contagious nature of the omikron variant, the cabinet still considers it too unsafe to open the stadium gates completely, at least until March 8.

For the Eredivisie clubs, it means fitting and measuring to determine who will then be among the chosen ones, and how they will do this. Many clubs have already indicated that they want to fill the stadiums for at least two thirds to avoid disappointment. For the time being, the government is sticking to its position.

Draw or choose yourself

The club with the largest stadium capacity in the Netherlands, Ajax, will play three home matches until March 8: against Heracles Almelo, FC Twente and RKC Waalwijk. Ajax has chosen to determine who may visit these matches by drawing lots.

The Johan Cruijff Arena, with a maximum capacity of 55,000 people, is normally more than a third filled with season ticket holders. So not all of them will be able to enter a home game.

Ajax will compensate the season ticket holders who are drawn by lot, the club says.

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