Community service for threatening FunX DJ

A 24-year-old man from The Hague has been sentenced by a police judge to 100 hours of community service and a two-week suspended prison sentence for threatening DJ Morad El Ouakilli of radio station FunX.

The sentence is much lower than the requirement of the Public Prosecution Service, which had demanded an unconditional prison sentence of two months.

El Ouakilli and other FunX employees were threatened with death last April because music was played in the program during Ramadan Ramadan Late Night. The radio station then decided to take the program off the air.

The DJ, the NTR and the NPO, which includes FunX, reported a threat. The police investigated the sender of the threats and eventually found the suspect’s Instagram account.


According to the public prosecutor, not everyone agreed with the content of the program, but many opponents expressed their opinion in a constructive way. “That should be the form, in any case. Because of the way the suspect has used, it is not a discussion on an equal level, but something is enforced by instilling fear,” said the officer.

“Now that this is becoming an increasing social problem, the Public Prosecution Service must take serious action against it.” The Public Prosecution Service therefore demanded an unconditional prison sentence of two months, Omroep West reports. The judge did not agree.

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