Competition between employers is fierce: more pay and extra days off | NOW

The competition between different sectors to attract staff is so great that employers are increasingly willing to pay an extra salary increase. “Employees are being asked to switch for more wages and days off. Companies are also more likely to offer higher wages to retain employees. With high energy prices, more expensive raw materials and rising wages, we are afraid of a further effect on inflation,” he said. chairman Ingrid Thijssen of employers’ association VNO-NCW in conversation with

How acute is the staff shortage right now?

“The problems are very big. We see it in restaurants that are not open on certain days, waitresses and waiters who get into trouble, trains that cannot drive and of course the problems at Schiphol. The staff shortage also affects certain policies such as the energy transition and the housing shortage. I don’t speak to an entrepreneur who is not bothered by it.”

What do employers think are the solutions?

“We play an important role and together with the cabinet we must take unconventional measures. Part-timers must be encouraged to work more hours. As employers, we must then properly organize work and private life. rules: make sure that part-timers don’t lose certain allowances and also start earning more if they work longer.”

The discussion about part-timers has been going on for some time, but is still not getting off the ground. Are there any other options?

“Certainly, there is a group of people who are not active on the labor market. We have to help these people to get a job. We also have to focus more on robotization and digitization, so that labor productivity can increase. And then there are the migrant workers: we really have to arrange that properly, which means good housing and a salary in accordance with the collective labor agreement.”

To what extent is the Netherlands heading for a recession? What are the sounds from your supporters?

“There is a great fear of a recession. High energy prices will remain high and that will be passed on to consumers. Consumer confidence is falling and companies are stopping investing. We assume that in the second half of this year we will be in a fall into recession.”

A new corona wave is also on the way. Are there concerns about a possible new lockdown at companies?

“Of course we hope not, but in the worst scenario we simply cannot rule it out. But different sectors have plans to prevent this. We can prevent this as a society by sticking to the basic rules. So don’t shake hands anymore, do self-tests, keep your distance and stay home if you have complaints.”