Consumers’ Association: Few fish traders adhere to labeling rules | NOW

Few fishmongers would provide consumers with enough information with tickets in the display case about the exact name of the fish and where and how it was caught, according to a study by the Consumers Association on Monday. The information was complete for only 1 of the 97 fishmongers surveyed.

The Netherlands has a total of about 750 fish shops and stalls. They are obliged to state the exact name and origin of the fish with their products. This allows consumers to check whether the fish was caught sustainably or not.

The Consumer Association survey shows that one in three fishmongers surveyed does not use tickets at all. Half use it, but do not put enough information on it. And when the mystery shoppers of the Consumers’ Association asked questions about sustainability, they often also received too little information.

The Consumers’ Association calls on the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) to monitor fish traders more strictly. “With sustainable fish, the fish stocks are taken into account and the negative impact on nature and the environment is limited as much as possible. Consumers who therefore want to choose sustainable fish must have the correct information,” says Consumer Association director Sandra Molenaar.


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