Coopmans angry with Team Zaanlander: ‘Anema accuses colleagues of corrupt behavior’

Skating national coach Jan Coopmans, responsible for the team pursuit and the mass start, is angry about statements by Irene Schouten and her coaches Jillert Anema and Arjan Samplonius. In the last episode of Team Zaanlander’s video series, the three of them are negative about many things. Ireen Wüst is accused of not thinking very much about the team interest in the pursuit team.

“What is suggested there about Ireen Wüst, that really makes no sense,” Coopmans told De Telegraaf just before leaving for the Olympic Games in Beijing. “I don’t understand how they were able to bring this out like that. Ireen has been committed to the team for years. She always fights to the last centimeter. What is said in that video is completely besides reality.”

“And what I also think is bad, is that Ireen was not asked for a response to all the bad statements that are made about her. I just inquired with her and she knew nothing about it.”

Heavy Fall Salt Lake City

The hard fall of Coopmans on the ice of Salt Lake City at the beginning of December is also discussed in the episode. He was knocked over by a Polish speed skater there and had to be taken to hospital with a concussion.

The unfortunate fall of Jan Coopmans in Salt Lake City in pictures: