Council for Culture: allows Omroep Zwart and ON to enter the public system

According to Baele, ON represents “a recognizable movement in Dutch society and that concerns people who feel alienated from politics and also have less confidence in public facilities. So we think that Ongehoord can meet a need there.”

Taking away equipment and compromising confidence

However, the Council is critical of Zwart, in which rapper Akwasi is involved, and of ON, founded by journalist Arnold Karskens. Akwasi was in the news, among other things, because he took the audio equipment from an EO journalist after unwelcome interview questions. Because Awkasi has “unacceptably pressured the journalist to remove material” Zwart must continue to pay close attention to journalistic values.

ON is criticized because the broadcaster regularly accuses NOS of spreading disinformation and biased reporting. ON must refrain from “the structural disqualification of NOS as an independent news service”. According to the Council, ON thereby detracts from confidence in the public system.

Although the Council is in favor of two extra broadcasters, it warns against splintering at the same time. Despite all the fine plans of broadcasters, “in practice, the media supply provided by the broadcasters has increasingly resembled each other”. That is why stricter standards must be set for new broadcasters, says the Council.

The criteria for when a broadcaster disappears should also become clearer. At the moment, no broadcasters are actually disappearing, but broadcasters are being added. This contributes to the fragmentation, according to the Council.

Another proponent

The Media Authority also advises Minister Slob to admit the new broadcasters to the system. The Dutch Media Authority does emphasize that there is no room for disinformation “and other matters that can undermine the public broadcasting system”.

“The Media Authority has therefore taken careful note of letters and videos that have been published on the website of prospective broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland about the (allegedly incorrect, discriminatory and misleading) reporting by the NOS. The Media Authority has no indication that the media offer of the NOS would not be reliable or could not be established independently, “said the organization.

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