D-travel goes under: what does that mean for you?

No foreign holidays for a long time, so travel agencies are in dire straits. This also applies to D-Reizen, which has been declared bankrupt today. Little or no money has been coming in for too long, and the voucher fund has been delayed for too long.

CEO Jan Henne De Dijn hopes for a restart. “So that the company can continue, at least in part, and that employment can be maintained.” He and his business partner took over the company in December from the German travel group RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group. “We see so much potential in D-rt that, especially with the arrival of the voucher bank, we take this step with great confidence,” Henne De Dijn said at the time. D-rt Groep is the company behind D-Reizen.

Money from travelers

Many trips have been canceled due to corona. People who had booked trips, or had already made deposits, logically want their money back. That is precisely why travel organizations TUI and D-trips are said to be facing each other in court today.

TUI wants D-Reizen to come up with the down payments from customers. Those customers can then turn to TUI if they want a voucher. But D-Reizen refuses to give the money, because they had already issued vouchers for it themselves. According to D-trips, those obtained vouchers are covered by the voucher fund, but TUI had doubts about this. The preliminary relief proceedings on this are now canceled.

D-Travel feared bankruptcy already

There has already been preliminary relief proceedings involving D-trips. At the time, the travel organization was at odds with the Travel Money Guarantee Fund (SGR). During that case, the judge indicated that it is unlikely that the travel agent would be able to call on the voucher fund in such cases. D-Reizen does not organize trips itself, but acts as a mediator and would therefore hardly qualify for it.

At the end of March, D-Reizen said they feared bankruptcy if the vouchers would all have to be paid back without support from the voucher fund. According to Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR), the prepaid travel money of customers is simply refunded if a booking has been made with an SGR guarantee. The possibilities for a restart of D-trips are currently being examined.

Voucher fund

Travel organizations can apply for a loan from the voucher fund from tomorrow at the latest, SGR reports. On Friday, the House of Representatives was informed about the approval of the European Commission for the voucher fund. The guarantee fund had already assessed several travel companies whether they are eligible to use this aid.

If you have booked on or via D-trips with an SGR guarantee, you will either receive your money back or a voucher.

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D-travel goes under: what does that mean for you?

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