De Graafschap trainer Cut hard for NAC: ‘did not come out of the blue’

De Graafschap trainer Mike Snoei has the necessary questions about the many corona cases at NAC. The match between both clubs in the Kitchen Champion Division, which was scheduled for Friday evening, has been canceled because all players of the Breda residents have been placed in home quarantine due to positive tests with a number of players and an employee.

“With us it is almost a witch hunt for the club”, says Snoei. “When you see how the rules are being complied with and pursued, it sometimes makes you grumpy. Then I find it very disappointing that there are so many positive results at NAC. I think that is special”, said the trainer in Along the Line And Environs.

No surprise

NAC’s general manager Mattijs Manders was very surprised earlier in the day about the positive tests at his club, but Snoei questions Manders’s words. “At the beginning of the week we already received signals that something was really going on at NAC. So it is not as Manders says that it came out of the blue.”