De Volkskrant named best-designed newspaper in the world: ‘Print is not out, but avant-garde’

Pages of the Volkskrant.Image de Volkskrant

‘Print is not outdated, but avant-garde’, writes the five-member jury, with representatives from Arab News, La Nación, The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today. According to the jury, the two winners understand that the continuous online offer in the news world ‘can make print a niche product, special and revolutionary’.

The jury praised the way in which de Volkskrant fills its compact pages. Typographic texture is balanced with deliberately defined white space. Furthermore, graphs are ‘used sparingly but deliberately, just like color, which gives the publication a sharpness and clarity’. Photo series lend “ honesty and intimacy ” to stories about the challenges facing readers in the corona pandemic.

Above all, the jury praised the newspaper’s joint achievement: ‘The pages of de Volkskrant show what collaborative teams can achieve when editorial and creative leadership join forces. It’s an exciting experience to dive into a publication that manages to provide such a balanced consistency with constant surprise – and make it look so effortless. ‘

Fortunately, our editor-in-chief thinks design is very important, says Koos Jeremiasse, who, together with Jaap Biemans and Lucas van Esch, is responsible for the appearance of de Volkskrant. ‘Photography, infographics and illustration are also important pillars in our newspaper, so also of this success.’

‘Won last year The New York Times‘says Jeremiasse. ‘We look up to that newspaper a bit. American newspapers have a bigger budget than we do. The fact that we are now beating them makes it all the more special. ‘

It was announced last week de Volkskrant among the last five newspaper titles were those that competed for the prize. In addition, de Volkskrant awarded for the second time as European Newspaper of the Year in December last year. Also got for a number of online projects de Volkskrant praise.