Denmark waltzes over Russians on a magical evening and goes to eighth finals

The intentions of the Russians were clear from the first minute. National coach Vyacheslav Cherchesov had added an extra defender to his defense to keep the Danes at a distance. After all, a draw would almost certainly result in second place in Group B.

The Danes had to win by at least two goals to be second in the group, provided the Finns did not have a point left against Belgium.

And that’s what the troubled team went for. As before in the duels with Finland and Belgium, the Danes continued to attack carefully and passionately, but the good intentions stifled the Russian defense time and again.

Damsgaard finds a hole

The Danes’ playing style also presented risks: the retracted defender Jannik Vestergaard choked on midfield and that was the signal for the Russians to switch quickly for the first time. The life-size opportunity that arose from this, however, was not spent on the Russian star Aleksandr Golovin.

Shortly after former Ajax player Kasper Dolberg had started his warm-up, the persistent pressure from the Danes resulted in the coveted lead. Sampdoria attacker Mikkel Damsgaard shot from about twenty meters and the inexperienced goalkeeper Matveij Safonov misjudged the bow ball.

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