Difficulty getting up? This is how you are guaranteed to wake up energetic

Those dark winter days can be very cozy. Candles lit in the evening, sitting on the couch under a warm blanket, a hot chocolate with whipped cream… but unfortunately the dark days are also accompanied by getting up when it is still pitch dark. How do you wake up energetic on such a morning?

We share seven great tips with you. With a few smart hacks it is still possible to wake up full of energy, even when it is not yet light outside. Earlier we told you how to start your day productively.

7 tips to wake up energetic

1. Invest in a wake-up light

One of the most stressful ways to wake up is with an alarm clock. It can happen that you are awakened in the middle of your deep sleep, which automatically ensures that you wake up with stress. Not pleasant.

A good way to avoid this is to invest in a wake-up light. Nowadays you can wake up with light for a few bucks. This is a much more natural way than waking up to a loud sound, which makes you wake up more pleasantly and energetically.

2. Make it a game

Are you not averse to a game? Make getting up in the morning a game. In the book Dear Good Morning van Lienke de Jong, gives Lienke the tip to stand next to your bed within 15 seconds. You can do this by starting counting as soon as you wake up.

Did you make it in those 15 seconds? Then that not only gives you a kick that wakes you up energetically, but you can also reward yourself with a dance or applause. That may sound a little weird in the morning, but it makes getting up a lot more fun.

3. Do a breathing exercise

Breath in breath out. You can a breathing exercise even do it when you are in bed. Choose one of these 6 5-minute breathing exercises that will give you instant peace of mind to start the day right.

4. Get moving right away

Do you always have the greatest difficulty waking up in the morning? Then immediately put on clothes after getting up and go outside. Walk aroundEven if it’s just a 10-minute round. The fresh air and cold ensure that you are immediately awake, even if it is not yet light outside.

5. Cold shower

We’ve talked about the benefits of cold showers before. One of those benefits is that it immediately gives you energy. Okay, you probably don’t look forward to it when you get up, but after that cold shower you can take on the world.

6. Water in your face

Another way to get an instant energy boost is to throw a splash of water on your face. This does not have the same effect as that cold shower, but it certainly ensures that you wake up refreshed.

In addition, cleaning your face in the morning is good for your skin, so combine it right away. You can read more about skin care here: How can you best wash your face for radiant skin? In any case, don’t make these mistakes.

7. Drink a glass of water

One of the best things to do in the morning is to drink a glass of water. At night you sweat, which makes you a little dehydrated. It is best to supplement this immediately by drinking water.

So leave your cup of coffee alone for a while, and first make sure that you have enough fluids in your body.

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Difficulty getting up? This is how you are guaranteed to wake up energetic