‘Disenchanter’ The Amazing Randi (92) died

American magician and debunker of people who claim to be psychic, James Randi, has passed away at the age of 92. His foundation, The James Randi Educational Foundation, reports that he has succumbed to aging ailments. In recent years he has been treated for cancer and heart problems, among other things.

Randall James Zwinge started his long career in his teens in Canada as a magician and king of cuffs. He was best known internationally as a skeptic of all paranormal matters. “Everything you’ve seen here is tricks,” he always emphasized after his spectacular magic shows with Houdini-esque escapes. “Nothing supernatural is involved.”

He also forced his transparency about his own arts on fellow magicians, who sometimes pretended to have superhuman abilities. “I see people being ripped off daily by medical quackery, fraud, and mediums,” Randi said years ago of his debunking work. “I know they are being cheated because I know what methods are being used”.

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