Disruption at patient portals and hospital registration pillars almost gone | NOW

The malfunction that prevented patients from being able to register digitally at their healthcare institution on Thursday has almost been resolved. In the course of the evening, the technical problems at all healthcare institutions should be resolved, service provider ICTZ reports to NU.nl.

According to ICTZ, the problem lay with a connection provider to a data center. The outage was discovered around noon.

Because patient portals and registration pillars were inaccessible, patients could not, for example, hold video consultations with their healthcare provider. According to ICTZ, many healthcare institutions have made telephone conversations with clients instead.

All patient treatments would have continued in this way. The Noordwest Hospital Group and the Isala Hospital in Zwolle, among others, say they have experienced problems.

The St. Jans Gasthuis in Weert, whose patient portal was also not functioning, stated earlier that day that there was a DDoS attack. It is not clear whether this is indeed the case.

ICTZ serves some 48 medical organizations in the Netherlands. The service provider will continue to investigate the cause of the malfunction in order to prevent a new technical problem in the future.