Doping fighter Ram says goodbye: ‘The most interesting things not in publicity’

Later, Rasmussen became a key witness in the case against Geert Leinders, the former team doctor of the Rabobank team. The Dutch, Danish and American doping authorities jointly provided the evidence.

“I mainly remember that period because we, as anti-doping authorities, got to know each other very well then. And that made things a lot easier after that. Everyone has each other’s telephone numbers these days.”

Stay nearby

“Although we came out quite tired, we look back on it with great satisfaction. We interviewed dozens of people and eventually a number of people came out; that’s called confession. This gave us a lot of information and insight into what happened before.”

“That has also made a big difference in the cycling world. Certainly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. As it looks now, that is also a lasting difference. As long as we stay close, at least.”

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