Dutch doctor’s abortion pills are flying over the counter in the US | NOW

Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts has seen the demand for abortion pills via her website Aid Access quadruple since the US Supreme Court overturned the federal right to abortion. “We used to receive about six hundred emails a day, now there are four thousand,” she tells NU.nl.

Gomperts founded the website four years ago together with a number of international doctors. They did so because there was a demand from many countries for readily available abortion pills.

“Especially in countries where many people live below the poverty line, such as the US,” says Gomperts. “Abortion there costs an average of 600 dollars (about 573 euros, ed.), but many cannot afford that. And if they want to go to the abortion clinic, they often have to travel very far, while public transport does not work optimally there.”

The organization helps women in several countries, but is mainly active in the United States. The service has been popular since its inception, but demand has exploded since late last week.

Last Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the federal right to abortion. That doesn’t make abortion illegal in the US, but states can decide for themselves whether to allow it or not. Abortion is now banned in 17 states.

The organization now receives four times as many applications as before. “Fortunately, we have a large team, so we can handle this perfectly,” said Gomperts.

European doctor prescribes pills

When women order abortion pills through Aid Access, they are prescribed by a European doctor. The doctor then passes the prescription on to an American or Indian online pharmacy, depending on the state or country in which the women live.

That pharmacy in turn ensures that the pills reach the applicant by post, for one sixth of the American price.

All those things are completely legal, because Gomperts operates from Europe. She lives in the Netherlands and her company is registered in Austria. There, abortion is completely legal, even after 24 weeks if there are certain complications.

In the Netherlands, abortion is still part of the criminal code. As a result, it is illegal to have an abortion performed by a doctor who is not recognized by the Ministry of Health. Also, a fetus may no longer be aborted after 24 weeks. Just like some opposition parties, Gomperts advocates removing abortion from the criminal law.