Dutchman guesses Trump password in 7 times and hacks Twitter account

A Dutchman has managed to hack the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump.

Who used for his account @realDonaldTrump the password ‘maga2020!’ and there would have been no added security. That reports RTL News that with Free Netherlands had access to the evidence. To find the password, the hacker came up with several variations of it Make America Great Again, Trump’s hobbyhorse.

Trump had no additional security

The Dutchman is ethical hacker Victor Gevers (44) and it took him only seven tries to guess the password. Evidence that Gevers had access to Trump’s Twitter account has been seen by the aforementioned media. According to Gevers, Trump had not set up additional security, such as the code that you sometimes have to enter after logging in – also known as two-step verification.

Gevers rightly gives a warning about this:

No tweet sent on behalf of the president

Gevers did not send a tweet on behalf of Trump, but he said he could have done so. Perhaps the president did not have two-step verification because his campaign team must also have access to the account.

“I thought ‘oh god’ when I logged in,” says Gevers RTL News. “I just want me not to be able to get in, especially not with such an important account.” He hopes people will be sharp: “Please folks, enable two-step verification,” he says. “Even if you use a bad password, such as ‘maga2020!’, You still remain protected against these kinds of simple attacks.”

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Dutchman guesses Trump password in 7 times and hacks Twitter account