Dutchman ‘races’ through France at 215 kilometers per hour and has to continue by taxi

The twenties drove in a rented 4×4 vehicle on the A31 motorway (Bourgogne-Luxembourg) towards Nancy and was flashed at Moutrot in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle. Gendarmes of the departmental traffic squadron (EDSR) forced the speed demon to stop. After correction, a speed of 204 kilometers per hour remained. This earned him a fine of 1000 euros, which he had to pay immediately as a down payment for the official sanction, reports the news site of the regional newspaper. l’Est R√©publicain.

After that, the Dutch motorist was allowed to continue on his way, but that resulted in another unpleasant surprise. Since none of his passengers had a driver’s license, the party had to continue by taxi.

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