Dyson is working on robots that can perform household tasks | NOW

Dyson has shown a number of prototypes of domestic robots. They can remove dishes from a dishwasher, clean up children’s toys and vacuum a chair, among other things. The development of household robots will be an important focus for the company in the coming years.

The British company will invest 2.75 billion pounds (about 3.2 billion euros) in robotics over the next five years. Dyson also plans to hire 700 engineers. The aim is to “create an autonomous device capable of performing household tasks, among other things”.

According to Dyson, such a device could be on the market by 2030. Dyson has been planning to do more with robotics for some time now. In 2014, the company released its first robot: the Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum cleaner.

Dyson says it will focus on computer vision, machine learning, sensors and mechatronics, among other things. The company has set itself the goal of creating “the UK’s largest and most advanced robotics center”.