“Easily accessible data from thousands of corona tested people” | NOW

Personal data of tens of thousands of people who have been tested for corona are “easily” accessible in a database of the commercial testing company U-Diagnostics. This is shown by research published on Thursday News hour.

Passport numbers, social security numbers, email addresses and results of tested people can be viewed via the database, writes News hour.

Researchers were given access to a WhatsApp group consisting of 300 U-Diagnostics employees. Login details were shared in the group, with which News hour could get into the company’s database. The system was accessible without additional security.

For example, information could be viewed from tourists who booked a holiday through TUI or Corendon, as well as from players from FC Utrecht and from GP practices and care institutions.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense has deployed soldiers tested at U-Diagnostics. The ministry declines News hour to have immediately suspended corona tests for military personnel. A report has also been made to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

U-Diagnostics late on News hour know not to violate the privacy law. According to the company, the use of the WhatsApp group is “allowed because it only contains employees”. However, the database is extra secured since News hour presented his findings to the company.

U-Diagnostics does not perform the daily tests that are carried out on behalf of the government. These tests are performed by the GGD.


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