Editors-in-chief: police should have intervened immediately in case of violence against journalists

The police should have intervened immediately yesterday when journalists were attacked by churchgoers. The Society of Editors-in-Chief writes this in a statement in response to the incidents on Sunday. In Urk, the police initially kept themselves in the background, in order not to escalate the case.

Journalists who wanted to interview churchgoers about the scrapping of the corona rules by churches of the Reformed Congregations, were kicked, threatened and beaten. In Urk a churchgoer ran into a journalist from Powned near the Sionkerk. It was unharmed. The driver could just attend the service, he was arrested last night.

“These direct attacks on journalism are unacceptable and an attack on freedom of the press,” the Society writes. The editors-in-chief want an interview with the police and the Public Prosecution Service about the “inadequate behavior” of the police. Few officers were on the scene and took late action against the suspects, the statement said.

This is how the incident in Urk went:

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