Egg cartel tackled: farmers received too little due to buyers’ price agreements | Economy

Three companies that produce egg products made prohibited price agreements and thus bought their eggs extra cheaply for years. Chicken farmers have been the victims of this. The buyers are now being fined by regulator ACM (Authority for Consumers and Markets).

Interovo, Wulro and Global Food Group produce liquid egg products or powdered egg products, such as egg whites and egg yolks. These egg products are bought by, for example, sauce makers and confectioners. The boards of the three companies have been making price agreements for years since 2015 and have had regular WhatsApp contact about this.

In those conversations they said, among other things, how much they were going to offer for the purchase of eggs. A director also said that he would ‘really earn’ through these agreements. This is evident from a publication by the ACM about the WhatsApp conversations.

ACM calls the price agreements “serious violations to the detriment of farmers”. ACM is not allowed to disclose how high the fines are, the court recently ruled.