Eleventh edition of The Passion, corona proof from the center of Roermond

The eleventh edition of The Passion kept. Because of the corona measures, there is no audience.

This year the program will be broadcast for the first time by the KRO-NCRV. The musical Easter event in which the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are central, was broadcast from 2011 by the Evangelische Omroep. Last year, more than 2.7 million viewers watched the special anniversary broadcast.

Social and religious

The KRO-NCRV wants to with The Passion appeal to a new audience and therefore linked a social theme to the Biblical story. “With the theme ‘I am here for you’, we want to show that everyone can be inspired by this age-old story and not just believers”, says editor-in-chief Reinder van Dijk in NOS Radio 1 Journal.

The organization also advocated an inclusive cast. Freek Bartels is the first gay man in the history of The Passion the role of Jesus.

Corona press conference

In The Passion the Easter story is told on the basis of Dutch pop songs. This year, for the first time, three English songs will be added to the repertoire, including Eric Claptons’ Tears in Heaven. The translation When I see you in Heaven is sung by Trijntje Oosterhuis in the role of Mary when Jesus is taken away. “It’s almost a sacred song, but I think it could be a special moment tonight,” says Van Dijk.

The narrator of the Easter story is Humberto Tan. Actors Leo Alkemade and Tygo Gernandt play the roles of Peter and Pilate. Artist Rob Dekay takes on the role of Judas and KRO-NCRV presenter Anita Witzier as a reporter collects stories from all over the country and reports on the virtual procession, for which people could register online.

The corona virus cannot be ignored in everyday life and also in The Passion it comes back. “We have incorporated a few nods to the corona policy into the program. For example, the condemnation scene (in which Pilate condemns Jesus) is reminiscent of the corona press conference.”

Due to the corona measures, no public is allowed to be present, which is why De Markt and Munsterplein in Roermond will be temporarily closed.

The program is from 8.30 pm can be followed live on NPO Radio 2 and NPO 1 Extra.

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