Elon Musk Promises SpaceX Internet Speed ​​To Double This Year | NOW

Elon Musk quits Twitter that Starlink’s internet speed will double this year to 300 Mbit per second. Starlink is a project by space company SpaceX in which broadband internet is offered from space via satellites.

Starlink is currently still in a testing phase. Only interested Americans and Canadians can order a beta kit at this stage. For 99 dollars (82 euros) per month, a speed of between 50 and 150 Mbit per second is promised.

On average, the download speed of Americans is about 71.3 Mbit per second, calculated the British internet provider Cable.co.uk last year based on hundreds of speed tests. In the Netherlands, the average speed is 95.6 Mbit per second. Yet it is already possible to achieve speeds of 1 gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps) via fiber.

A delay of 20 to 40 milliseconds can still occur in the Starlink connection in the current phase. According to Musk, that delay will drop below 20 milliseconds later this year.

Musk also says Starlink will have to cover “most of the Earth” by the end of this year. This coverage will be expanded next year. “Mobile networks always have an advantage in densely populated areas,” he writes. “Satellites work best for areas of low to medium population density.”


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